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Форум МТА — GTA MTA: SA онлайн игра

Resources for MTA San Andreas

Download resources for MTA server.
RP resources MTA 1.5 - work, auto, drift, teleport, system collapse, truckers and other.


  1. MTA Resources

    Scripts, private resources and systems for MTA 1.5 of the best drain resources for RP and other mods-drift resources, mapping, bpan panel, dayz.

  2. MTA Lua Tutorial

    MTA Lua lessons. Scripting MTA.
    The lessons of Lua programming. How to write Lua scripts? How to write a Lua script?
    Simple Lua scripts. Lua scripting training. Lua lessons for beginners. Help you learn the Lua language. How to write scripts for MTA?
    Site Lua for MTA. Lua lessons from scratch.

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