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MTA Servers

Best server MTA 1.5 with Russian cars.
In this topic, are the top of the server with a bonus message: RP, DayZ, PUBG, drift, BPAN.
All build servers partly or fully done by the hands of the administrator - HomoS.
IP servers can be found in the topic of each project.


  1. Server bulids MTA

    Готовые сборки МТА для нового начала.

    Слив сборки МТА - ССД планет, РП, DayZ, БПАН.
    Искали моды, сборки, скрипты для МТА? Всевозможные слитые сборки теперь можно скачать в одном месте.

  2. Geseven RP Server MTA

    Geseven-Promising MTA freeplay and RP server.

    Starting money, new improved system of numbers, high-quality mapping, models. 
    Nice bonuses, which are not anywhere, a lot of work and much more!
    On the server already playing popular MTA youtubers and their audience.
    Join us!

  3. DUBAI | MTA:SA Server

    MTA server 1.5 build Paradise server altered with a house system, car dealership, purchased by private resources.

    Dubai claims to be the best MTA server due to a new look at the Paradise mod, redesigned cars with traced optics and tuning.

    At the start issued $ 50,000 in the Bank. Works > 10. You can work not only with bots and yourself, but also with players.


    MTA server - MTA 2 FRIENDS.

    A unique combination of a simulator of public transport: buses, trolley buses, metro, rail. 

    You can try yourself as a passenger and driver. 

    A huge fleet of vehicles from a penny to a sports car, behind the wheel of which you can sit, get right. Welcome!

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