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Форум МТА — GTA MTA: SA онлайн игра
  1. Resources for MTA San Andreas

    1. MTA Resources

      Scripts, private resources and systems for MTA 1.5 of the best drain resources for RP and other mods-drift resources, mapping, bpan panel, dayz.

    2. MTA Lua Tutorial

      MTA Lua lessons. Scripting MTA.
      The lessons of Lua programming. How to write Lua scripts? How to write a Lua script?
      Simple Lua scripts. Lua scripting training. Lua lessons for beginners. Help you learn the Lua language. How to write scripts for MTA?
      Site Lua for MTA. Lua lessons from scratch.

  2. ENB for MTA

    1. ENB MTA

      The main topic with ENB for MTA.
      Only download links, discussion, completion of the main page of the site with ENB - http://mta-download.ru/enb-mta-gta-san-andreas.php?

  3. Discussion

    1. News MTA

      Update versions of MTA log on Russian language.
      Apply updates Lua scripts to use new features, discussion version.

    2. Bugs/ Crashes MTA

      Does the MTA make a mistake? Take off? How to fix the MTA error? 
      Understand and get rid of problems with departures.

    3. Flood

      Allowed flood & discuss about MTA and not only.

  4. MTA Servers

    1. Server bulids MTA

      Готовые сборки МТА для нового начала.

      Слив сборки МТА - ССД планет, РП, DayZ, БПАН.
      Искали моды, сборки, скрипты для МТА? Всевозможные слитые сборки теперь можно скачать в одном месте.

    2. Geseven RP Server MTA

      Geseven-Promising MTA freeplay and RP server.

      Starting money, new improved system of numbers, high-quality mapping, models. 
      Nice bonuses, which are not anywhere, a lot of work and much more!
      On the server already playing popular MTA youtubers and their audience.
      Join us!

    3. DUBAI | MTA:SA Server

      MTA server 1.5 build Paradise server altered with a house system, car dealership, purchased by private resources.

      Dubai claims to be the best MTA server due to a new look at the Paradise mod, redesigned cars with traced optics and tuning.

      At the start issued $ 50,000 in the Bank. Works > 10. You can work not only with bots and yourself, but also with players.

    4. 2 FRIENDS MTA

      MTA server - MTA 2 FRIENDS.

      A unique combination of a simulator of public transport: buses, trolley buses, metro, rail. 

      You can try yourself as a passenger and driver. 

      A huge fleet of vehicles from a penny to a sports car, behind the wheel of which you can sit, get right. Welcome!

  5. Archive

    1. Trash

      Everything that could not stand the criticism of MTA players or outdated.

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